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Empowerment Zone provides anger & stress management assessment and intervention for adolescents, adults, and couples. We offer accelerated classes. In addition, we provide individual executive coaching for high profile clients, law enforcement personnel, management personnel and volunteers who prefer a private setting or are not appropriate for open or mixed groups.

We also offer a variety of workplace management programs including on-site corporate trainings, executive coaching, accelerated anger management classes for managers and anger management classes for employees. Please call for an appointment or to have us answer any questions.

Is anger and stress destroying your relationships, family, job, school performance, finances or health?

Find a Better Life By:
  • empowering yourself and producing the higher quality of life you want
  • identify and recognize what triggers angry feelings
  • express anger through appropriate verbalizations and healthy physical outlets
  • interact consistently with adult authority figures in a mutually respectful manner
  • alleviating dysfunctional anger
  • decrease work-related anxiety, stress, and conflict
  • improve morale and employee production
  • increase emotional and physical health
  • increase verbalizations of empathy and concern for other people
  • self-assessment inventory to test anger, stress, communication and emotional intelligence
  • set realistic goals to overcome toxic behavior
  • acquire solid basics to ensure successful anger management
  • cultivate everyday skills to help you create a dynamic environment where you can thrive as a parent, student and employee
Anger is a natural emotion but if unmanaged it can severely disrupt any relationship, business or school environment.

Class Schedule

2930 W. Imperial Hwy. Suite 303
Inglewood, CA 90303
Accelerated Adult Group
4th Sunday of every month (8hours)
9: 00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Includes workbook)
Mon 9:00-10:00 AM
       7:00-8:00 PM
Wed 7:00-8:00 PM (spanish)
Thurs 7:00-8:00 PM
Introductory Workshop
10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.

$150.00 includes registration, workbook, and tips for
managing anger booklet
An excellent gift certificate for a special person
Accelerated Adult Group
2nd Saturday of every month
9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. (Includes workbook)

This 8 hour course is designed to meet the needs of clients who wish to avoid attending classes on a weekly basis. Rather than attending weekly classes, it is now possible to enroll, complete the assessment and attend this course until the required number of classes have been completed.

Note: Schedule subject to change. Please call (888) 322-9811 for up-to-date schedule information

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Executive Coaching
$125.00 per hour session
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$65.00 for enrollment & assessment
$31.00 for workbook
$ 45.00 per session (hour)

Visa or Master Card Accepted

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