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A N G E R   M A N A G E M E N T

Anger management is an educational process that focuses on the development of specific skills.

Hostility is like the stain that is left behind when tea sits too long in a cup. The inside of the cup is discolored forever and a bitter taste remains. That's what happens when we sit on anger too long; it discolors our view of the world. What was once friendly is now unfriendly. What once was kind is now unkind. Those who were on our side are now against us. Hostility is the residue of unexpressed anger. It makes us lose our tatse for life!

How can I benefit from taking an anger management class:
  • learn how to recognize and appropriately respond to normal angry feelings
  • learn how to improve judgment and impulse control to manage anger and stress more effectively
  • master basic skills and experience less conflict with parents, teachers, family, friends, co-workers, employers, children services, and law enforcement
  • increase capacity to create a more positive outcomes in most major areas of your life
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